The mission of the Friends of the Cracow Jewish Culture Festival Society is to support Jewish cultural events, including the Jewish Culture Festival held annually in Cracow, Poland, and to support the cultural activities of the Cracow Jewish Culture Festival Society. Friends of the Cracow Jewish Culture Festival Society is organized exclusively for the charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Our President has been personally involved with the Cracow Jewish Culture Festival Society since 1992, and has attended every Festival since then. We have personally maintained contact with the Festival organization and many of the American performers at the Festival on a year-round basis. None of our officers or participants receive any monetary compensation for their work for Friends of the Cracow Jewish Culture Festival Society.

We are deeply involved in the details of the various cultural events from the Festival and other Jewish culture organizations. We consider requests for aid and offer support, provided they meet our criteria, goals, and desires. We require complete accounting as to the expenditure of the funds we donate to any recipients and conduct annual field investigations to ensure that the funds are spent productively and wisely.


Photo/design: Pawel Mazur

“We have to preserve the memory of the Jewish culture, and we should give people an opportunity to meet in the natural space of the culture created over 700 years. Thanks to authentic and great artists, Jewish life can return to Poland, to Cracow. It is a great holiday to have amazing people in the places where their grandparents lived, where their parents maybe lived, and where now they come back to be close to this art. I am proud to be a shammos.”

-- Janusz Makuch
Founder and Director
Cracow Jewish Culture Festival

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